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  • Heaven's Lost Rebellion: The Fall of the Mourning Star, Part 1 - Spanish Edition is NOW AVAILABLE on our Gumroad page!!
  • We will continue to release the current version of Tumbleweed Vagrant as a one-shot. HOWEVER, I am pleased to announce that we have found a new artist interested in the project, and if all goes according to plan, production of the redux begins around July/August 2016.  You will NOT be disappointed!  We will have more as that time approaches.
  • ​LAST but not least - POSTING OF HLR: FotMS WILL RESUME Monday, April 4th 2016 on our website, The SequentialsTapastic, and Comic Fury.  We will post one page every week. PLEASE ENJOY! Also rest assured, that by purchasing the full book, not only do you get the full story at once, you are also securing the future of Heaven's Lost Rebellion, and the creation of more stories from the Sympathy for the Devil Chronicles.  Thank you all for your support!

For now, enjoy Heaven's Lost Rebellion: Fall of the Mourning Star, Part 1 and keep your eyes opened for Part 2 coming later this year!! We will post more news as it comes! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!

 The Sympathy for the Devil Chronicles is a collection of stories focusing on characters that occupy the gray area of commonly defined “morality.”  Most of them seem to exist on the wrong side of ethical, yet they simply exist - as do any of us.  The inhabitants of this universe are “angels,” predominantly differing by way of fantastical physical and mental capabilities or “evolutions.” They look into the ambiguous nature of perspective, the true malleability of ironclad ethics, and repercussions of choices made in the name of honor. Another main theme is relationship between a “warrior” and their “weapon,” and how one is always an extension of the other. 


On the surface, Heaven’s Lost Rebellion is the story of two princes engaged in civil war - one fighting for honor and duty, the other fighting for principle.  However, it is a story of duality - the concept of each force of duality - and the acceptance or rejection of inevitable change. Every person and every story has two sides - and it is not always clear which is right and which is wrong.

Within this nation, there are three heavenly bodies: 
Trinity - This is the system’s main planet. It consists of the vast ocean Abyssus and single (known) land mass, Domum. 
Elysium - an artificial satellite created for the sole purpose of defending Trinity.
Ochita - the barren moon used as a dumping zone for Trinity’s harmful, negative energy simply called “Poison.” Travel between these celestial bodies is possible via "Stairways,” or long distance matter teleporting devices.​