Heaven's Lost Rebellion is the story of two brothers engaged in a global civil war. Michael Mizoguchi fights for loyalty. Lucas Mizoguchi rebels on principle, for the sake of his people. The story personifies duality and evolution, natural or otherwise. The series epitomizes how every conflict or situation - and every person - encompasses two sides of the same coin. In some cases, right does not always represent "correct," nor wrong "incorrect."

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In Tumbleweed Vagrant , a ronin angel wanders into a run-down town in the Deadlands of Domum on planet Trinity. He only wants one thing - breakfast.  When a teenage girl and her assailants interrupt him, he realizes he is in for more than just a quick morning meal.


Hello, followers! We regret to inform you all that Van Alencer has left the team. His reasons are his own, and we wish him well in the future.

This means, that for the moment, Heaven's Lost Rebellion is on hiatus. We will continue to release the completed pages we have, which goes up into the 70's.  After that, the only thing certain in this story's future is that it is NOT complete.  I WILL finish this story, as it is very personal, although, it will be without Van Alencer. It just means it will be different.

Lastly, please go check out the FB page for the new creative collective I've joined named Skyrunner Creative (fancy logo, top right of page). We're just some people putting our heads together for the greater indie/small press good. https://www.facebook.com/SkyRunnerCreative