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First, thank you all for being patient.  Creating indie manga/comics is hectic, time consuming, and completely unpredictable.  However, in spite of the lack of recent posts, progress is coming quicker than expected.  There are a couple of things look forward to from
American Gaijin Studios in Q1 of 2016!

Heaven's Lost Rebellion: Fall of the Mourning Star, Part 1 is almost finalized and ready for release!  Around this time, Tumbleweed Vagrant: Chapter 1 releases!  Readers will be pleasantly surprised with the grittiness and classic feel of Tumbleweed Vagrant.  It is a samurai-western illustrated by a veteran manga-ka - Kimi Takamuro - and displays a style any fan of the "classic" manga/anime can appreciate.  With HLR: FotMS, Part 1, readers see the rise of a major change in Trinity.  Look forward to both of these titles, as neither of the two should disappoint.

The Sympathy for the Devil Chronicles are the tales of angels seeking "something more" in a world that already rests in the palms of their hands. They are the stories of angels who are at war with each other, at war with themselves, and then the nation that suffers for it. The youngest brother, Michael, seeks only to overcome his fears. The elder brother, Lucas, incites a rebellion against their father for the seat of a god-king, believing he can create a better society.

Heaven’s Lost Rebellion is the beginning of the SFTD Chronicles. It is a story of war and honor, trust and betrayal, and love and love lost. It is a war between two brothers and the civilization trapped in the middle. The Tactical Archangel Organization is the legionnaires loyal to The Father, while Lucas leads a mysterious guerrila faction as their Neo God. Lucas’ intentions are to correct his father’s manner of ruling, but does he have the right to alter the fate of an entire existence?

Within this nation, there are three heavenly bodies: Trinity - the planetary system’s main world. Elysium - an artificial satellite created for the sole purpose of defending Trinity, and Ochita - the barren moon used as a dumping zone for Trinity’s harmful, negative energy simply called “Poison.” Travel between these celestial bodies is possible via "Stairways,” or long-range matter teleportation devices.