Christopher Gunn is the writer, original character designer, and architect behind the SftD universe.  He hails from Columbus, GA, United States, and currently resides in Toronto, ON, Canada.  
Van Alencer is an artist native to, and living in, Santiago, Chile.  He has worked on a number of projects in his home country.  Pedro is illustrating and assisting with development of the project, helping to bring this world to life.
​Colorist/ Chibi Art: SlyP

Background Images: Erin Nousagi

Cartography: Tad Davis

Design Consultant: Chadwick "The Ghost" Davis

Marketing Consultant:Jason Enright

Data Sheet B/G Design: vecart on vecteezy 


Nis'ku C. Gunn, Louis Consoletti, Phillip Hipp, Ray Woodard, Ricky Gunn, My Parents, My Family, The Halls, Dr. Michael Closs & Mrs. Katie Closs, Matthew "Sideburns" Mets
American Gaijin Studios is a small company based out of Toronto, Canada.  We work with talented artists and writers from around the globe, promoting international collaboration.  Our goal is to produce outstanding graphic novels inspired by Japanese manga and anime.  It began with a deep reverence for these art forms, and through our work, we pay homage to visual mediums that influenced our lives in a profound way. Our greatest hopes are to enthrall readers, make them think outside of the box, and create alluring story lines that both inspire and influence our audience.

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