The Sympathy for the Devil Chronicles is a collection of stories focusing on characters that occupy the gray area of commonly defined “morality.”  Most of them seem to exist on the wrong side of ethical, yet they simply exist - as do any of us.  The inhabitants of this universe are “angels,” predominantly differing by way of fantastical physical and mental capabilities or “evolutions.” They look into the ambiguous nature of perspective, the true malleability of ironclad ethics, and repercussions of choices made in the name of honor. Another main theme is relationship between a “warrior” and their “weapon,” and how one is always an extension of the other. 


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Within this nation, there are three heavenly bodies: 
Trinity - This is the system’s main planet. It consists of the vast ocean Abyssus and single (known) land mass, Domum. 
Elysium - an artificial satellite created for the sole purpose of defending Trinity.
Ochita - the barren moon used as a dumping zone for Trinity’s harmful, negative energy simply called “Poison.” Travel between these celestial bodies is possible via "Stairways,” or long distance matter teleporting devices.​

Heaven's Lost Rebellion is the story of two brothers engaged in a global civil war. Michael Mizoguchi fights for loyalty. Lucas Mizoguchi rebels on principle, for the sake of his people. The story personifies duality and evolution, natural or otherwise. The series epitomizes how every conflict or situation - and every person - encompasses two sides of the same coin. In some cases, right does not always represent "correct," nor wrong "incorrect."

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​Hi again everyone! We are still working feverishly on EVERYTHING Heaven's Lost Rebellion and SFTDC. We begin layouts for Part 2 of "HLR: Fall of the Mourning Star” this week, while continuing our weekly release on Monday! American Gaijin Studios also has another great announcement to make soon, concerning another fantastic comic by Van Alencer and another crazy talented creator.  We will share more on that as it develops in the weeks to come. Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy our story and stay tuned for more updates as our project progresses.  Thanks for keeping up, and supporting us! 'Til next time! - Christopher Gunn